The company sold and distributed fixed and portable computer devices of all kinds as well as all its accessories, in the Lebanese market. The company’s team periodically maintained and provided the customers’ requirements to meet their needs.

Through our use of the GHZ 5.8 technique with the finest and newest devices, we were able to connect the internet service in the wireless mode to the customer in any spot on the Lebanese territory. This technique allowed the providence of a massive amount of information without any cut out or disruption i.e. by passing more than 80 megabytes in one second unlike the discontinuous data transfer used in other networks.


Connecting the surveillance cameras to the private closed network LWPN

The company linked all the surveillance cameras inside and outside the institutions and connected them to all branches no matter how far the distance was in order to be able to follow up from one place within a closed network apart from the internet network.

This technique can be used in many fields such as:

  • Relating the company’s information no matter how many branches it has in different places (sales operations, fund’s activity …)
  • Holding meetings, training workshops and joint lectures between many branches and centers.
  • Making internal phone calls within this special network without being linked to the Ministry of Communications.

Companies, institutions, municipalities, private security services, Internal Security Forces as well as the army benefitted from this technique by controlling their centers aground.


In 2011, the owner of Alfa Company Nidaa Bou Haidar met some persons interested in management and technological development. who had new ideas, so they cooperated together, developed the company, organized its files and expanded its interests. A specialized team cooperated with the company in many technological fields, so they decided to found a new company under the name “Men Technologies”.