Our Latest Achievements

At the beginning of the year 2013, we took the responsibility of developing the method of protecting security with sustainable control within the geographic scope of the municipalities in Lebanon.

Surveillance cameras were installed in the municipalities’ wide streets and they were connected wirelessly to the surveillance and control room in the municipalities’ buildings. The municipal police officers were then able to follow any security flaw. This project helped in detecting trespasses, irregularities, and theft under the witness of the Mayors.

  • Municipalities that installed our systems:
  • Municipality of Mtein and Mshikha                      2013
  • Municipality of Khenshara and Jouwar                           2014
  • Municipality of Chouweifat                                     2014
  • Municipality of Deek Al Mehdy                              2014
  • Municipality of Zouk Mosbeh                                 2014
  • Municipality of Deir Koubel                                    2014
  • Municipality of Borj Hammoud                              2015
  • Municipality of Bhamdoun                                              2015

Some of the projects executed sequentially by its date:

In December 2011, the branches of Bachir Ice-cream were linked together in Bekfaya between the square, factory and home on one side, and its branches in Jounieh, Achrafieh and Jal dib on the other. By doing so, it was possible to follow the business processes and hear and see the activity of employees from home without the need for internet or satellites.

In April 2013, lighting columns equipped with alternative solar energy were installed in Zouk Mosbeh Municipality on the road starting from the junction of Yassouh Al Malak until the junction of Jeita Grotto. Since the terrain of the region doesn’t permit the extension of wires for linking the surveillance camera systems to the municipality building, a study was put to link the junction of the tunnel of Naher El Kaleb through the junction of Yassouh Al Malak and the industrial city to the control center in the municipality building located in the middle of the town.

In January 2014, a wireless control system was installed for armies in some Arab countries (whom we were asked us not to mention their nationalities). A group of locations, buildings, and headquarters were linked to a control center that aims at protecting and keeping security.

An army demanded planting ground microphones to ban terrorists from tunneling; our trial succeeded in this field.

In July 2014, factories of concrete Mixers in Sed Al Bauchrieh region, Lebanon, were linked to the offices located far away from the factory in order to control and follow up the employees’ activities. According to the manufacturer, doing so helped in controlling the production, and increasing the effectiveness and the speed of supplying.

In October 2014, a control system was installed in the maintenance factories of Pepsi Cola in Choueifat. An internal network was installed between the distant offices of executives and linked to the house of the factory manager located far away from the factory center.

In February 2015, a privately closed wireless network project was done for one branch of the special units’ branches in the Lebanese army in a region where insurgencies were detected. We provided also permanent communication between the command operations room and the room of the Company Commander from one side, and the group based in the mentioned remote place of special sensitivity, from another side.