This technique is best used under the implementation of unit solar radiation (solar unit) without optical lenses or concentrates, so it can be fixed on the rooftops to benefit from it in electricity production. Its estimated efficiency is about 20% and the rest is used to profit from saving heat […]

Solar Energy

—After activating our own energies and potentials, stimulating our abilities, and implementing our skills for facing this problematic, we found that: We can ensure the process of informational communication between the national departments, and political, military, economic and cultural nationalism nation-wide depending on our own capabilities in forming our special […]

Local Wireless Private Network

—With our major project concerning the security, protection, and remote sensing through our new technique, the surveillance camera is no longer a traditional idea to secure public and private facilities from internal or near surrounding trespasses. Instead, its role became advanced i.e. it provides an early warning for any prepared […]

Surveillance Cameras